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Our Programmes

We welcome everyone and provide educational opportunities by connecting you with HKU's esteemed faculties and our large student community, both within and outside the university. We aim to establish pathways to education that extend beyond HKU, connecting learners with top-notch resources and networks.

Science Courses

HKU Taster

Secondary School Students
Period: Seasonal and Summer

HKU Taster, which was first launched in 2014, aims to offer secondary students an exciting taste of the unique energy of HKU campus life. Students have the chance to learn from HKU's friendly and knowledgeable professors and experience a range of interesting workshops.

Academy for the Talented

Secondary School Students
Period: Seasonal and Summer

The Academy aims to assist students to explore and further develop their interests in a wide range of academic disciplines, at the same time emphasizes personal growth and whole-person development.

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Immersion Programmes

Secondary School Students
Period: Summer 

Join our transformative programmes for an exciting learning experience in various locations. Led by experienced instructors, the programmes offer a comprehensive curriculum with hands-on activities, group discussions, and case studies. Enhance your skills, broaden your perspectives, and embrace new cultures. Don't miss out on these immersion programmes!

Teacher Development Programmes

Teachers and Educators
Period: Summer 

We co-create tailored learning experiences that address your work challenges, delivered virtually, in person, or through a blend of both. Our interactive workshops and activities encourage engaging discussions and debates, making learning relevant and enjoyable for any audience, anywhere, and at any time.

Students and Teacher in Classroom

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