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Programmes for Youth

Immerse yourself in our vibrant and enriching Secondary School Student Programmes. Through a variety of engaging workshops, hands-on activities, and interactive sessions, we ignite inspiration and empower students, equipping them with essential skills for their future studies at HKU.

HKU Taster

S2 - 4 / Grade 8 - 10 / Year 9 - 11

HKU Taster, which was first launched in 2014, aims to offer secondary students an exciting taste of the unique energy of HKU campus life. Students have the chance to learn from HKU's friendly and knowledgeable professors and experience a range of interesting workshops.

Studying on the Grass
Students Taking Exams

Academy for the Talented

S2 - 5 / Grade 8 - 11 / Year 9 - 13

The HKU Academy for the Talented is a membership-based programme that brings together top students and academically elite students from around the world.

Immersion Programmes

S5 - S6 / Grade 11 - 12 / Year 12 - 13

Join our transformative programme for an exciting learning experience in various locations. Led by experienced instructors, it offers a comprehensive curriculum with hands-on activities, group discussions, and case studies. Enhance your skills, broaden your perspective, and embrace new cultures. Don't miss out on these immersion programmes!


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